Community Playtesting FAQ

Become a Community Playtesting Member

What is Community Playtesting?

Community Playtesting is a program that gives you the opportunity to try our upcoming games before they’re released. It is also an opportunity for gamers just like yourself to share your opinion on our games if you want to.

Am I eligible to sign up?

As long as you’re 18 years or older and are interested in video games, you can sign up. Once your profile is created and you are logged in, you can sign up for available Community Playtesting sessions.

What is expected of a Community Playtesting participant?

Nothing! You are free to engage with others on the dedicated forums and respond to surveys when they are sent out after the sessions. All we ask is that if you decide to provide feedback you be open and honest, no matter how positive or negative. But, you will be required to agree and adhere to a Alpha Agreement, User Agreement and EA’s Privacy and Cookie Policy.
Also, at EA, we celebrate diversity of thought, cultural differences, lifestyle, age, background, experience, religion, economic and social status, gender identity and marital status, and we strive to build a culture of inclusion for our people, players, and partners. Any negative or abusive behavior including harassment, bullying, personal attacks, vulgarity, obscenities and hate speech is unwanted and will not be tolerated. Please be sure to review our Rules of Conduct.

When I sign up, what types of emails will I receive?

You’ll receive emails for upcoming Community Playtesting opportunities. Once signed up for a Community Playtesting session, you will get an email when the build is available for download, another for when it opens, and one more to offer you the option to participate in a survey after the Community Playtesting session is complete.

Participating in a Session

How will I know if my PC is capable of running the game?

If the Community Playtesting session is on PC, the initial invitation email will include the recommended PC specs for running the game. If your PC is below these specs, it is unlikely that you will be able to run the game.

Where can I give feedback?

Some Community Playtesting sessions will include a survey once they are complete. This will be your chance to provide feedback directly to the development team if you want to. Also, there will always be a hidden forum on Answers HQ. You can share your feedback with the developers or other Community Playtest members there.

Is a network connection required to participate?

Yes, an active broadband network connection is required to both download the game as well as participate in the Community Playtesting session. We recommend connecting your PC or console to a wired ethernet connection when downloading the build. Also, download the build well in advance so that you don’t miss out on any gameplay.

What games are coming to Community Playtesting?

We always have something in the works behind the scenes. Once you’re registered, you will know as soon as a new opportunity is available. Keep an eye on your email to see what’s coming next.

Get Playtest Build

How will I get the Playtest version of the game?

We’ll grant Playtest build access to everyone that will participate to a particular Community Playtesting session. The Download Now email will provide specific instructions on how to get access to the build. Once granted, the game will appear in your Game Library.

How do I check the region of my PlayStation store account?

The region of your account and your PlayStation Store are the same. If you can’t remember the region of your account (selected during set up) you can check through account management.
1. Sign in to account management online.
2. Select [Account] from the tabs at the top of the screen and [Account Details] from the sidebar
3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Country/Region section.

How to Sign Up

Do I need an account to participate?

Yes, you will need an EA Account to join any of the Community Playtesting sessions. If you do not already have one, sign up today. Any console Community Playtesting session that involves an online multiplayer component will require an active Xbox Live Gold account or active PlayStation Plus subscription in order to participate on the respective console.

If you have any other questions regarding Community Playtesting, please go here